Jim Doan, 3rd generation Walker

Jimmy was his grandpa’s shadow growing up. He feels the legacy of the sacrifices and hard work of the generations before him. Married to wife Nicole, with sons Solon, Brooks & Keller, Jim works hard every day to prepare for the next generation to follow in the family tradition. Jim is a key decision-maker in the farm operation, also handling the buying & selling of dairy cattle responsibilities.  If you are looking to buy or sell dairy cattle or book an online auction event contact Jim  519.777.9389

John Hamm

John Hamm is one of the key ingredients at Walker Dairy Sales. He oversees all responsibilities of a large dairy farm on a daily basis.  He brings a wealth of livestock experience and practices excellent animal husbandry with cow comfort a priority.  John is the behind the scenes man preparing cattle for export and keeps the monthly auctions running smoothly.  John Hamm is considered part of the Walker family.  Contact John 519.521.7645

Brent Howe

Dairy cattle have been Brent’s passion since he was born and raised on his family dairy farm. Brent brings many years of experience buying and selling, working with dairy cows & making pedigree announcements at live auctions.


Brent is involved in the organizing of our online auctions through detailed pictures of individual lots selling. He is involved in the marketing & promotion of online auctions also through the Walker Dairy Inc Facebook & Instagram social media platforms. Brent brings honesty, dependability, and trustworthiness to the Walker
family business.


Thinking of a dispersal, club sale, or special online auction? Contact Brent Howe at  519.282.5245

Regular Auction sales are the last Friday of every month

Walker Dairy Inc.

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