Solon Walker & John Walker

Our Family Farming Roots run deep in Tradition.


John Walker

A love of farming began early in life.


John and Anne Walker

The beginning of the Walker Dairy Farm Legacy.


John Walker

Always a business saavy man, John Walker negotiated  the purchase of the family farm from Bill Sears in 1958.  Blood, sweat and tears were no doubt shed in the transformation of the farm. Together the family cleared 25 acres of land for the production of tobacco, along with building a house, greenhouse, 4 tobacco kilns and a pack barn.  


Jon Walker Jr. & John Walker Sr.

The family patriarch with his only son, Jon Walker Jr.


Chris McNeil, Judy Killough, John Walker & Shelley Doan

The spirit of farming flows in the blood of the entire family. Here, John Walker Sr. is surrounded by his 3 daughters Shelley, Judy & Chrissy, who all have farms of their own.


John & Anne walker

The patriarch and matriarch of the Walker legacy, “Mom & Dad”


Walker Family

Its a family thing!  Three generations of Walker farmers.


John & Anne walker

Mom & Dad


John M. Walker – Hall of Fame

From humble beginnings to an international leader in the livestock industry, John Matthews Walker has been a trailblazer in the world of farming for over 55 years. Large scale dairying was always his vision, with a focus on commercial production. And,”Mr. Canada Dairyman” has been in the cattle export business for over 40 years. John Walker has always taken an active role in his community in mentoring other farmers, supporting youth and building a better bovine industry in Canada. That’s why his induction into the Canadian Hall of Fame is a testament to his outstanding  contributions to the agriculture and food industry.



50th Anniversary Sale

John Walker Sr., John Walker (Grandson), Jon Walker Jr., Jim Doan (Grandson)


Anne Walker (Mom), Jon Walker Jr. and Shelley Doan

Shelley Doan, brother Jon and Mom – Anne Walker.


John Walker & Nolan

John Walker Sr. and Nolan (great grandson), fourth generation.


Meet the Walker Dairy Inc. Team

All of the staff at Walker Dairy Inc. are considered family.  They love having company and encourage visitors.